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Electrical Services


As you decide who to hire for your next electrical project, your first concerns may be where to locate bulky electrical switchgear or how to choose lighting fixtures that meet code requirements and lend appeal to your finished space. We understand and we can help. We’ve solved many design puzzles over the years and Electrical Services are at the core of what we do best. Our electrical engineers are experienced with practical skills (field wise) and theory knowledge of reading electrical drawings to meet international standards of electrical installations and maintenance.


Our satisfied Each of our engineers also works diligently to build and maintain relationships with lighting and power vendors as well as local jurisdictions. Close ties help our engineers stay informed about the latest trends and technologies. They also help us finish your job more efficiently. We can assist you in placing your large transformer in a tight urban area, for example. We use our knowledge, research and community involvement to create environments that are highly functional.

  • Computer Room UPS Design and Specification
  • Fire Alarm Design and Layout
  • Generator Design and Specification
  • Industrial Process Infrastructure Design and installation
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Design and installation
  • Medical Office Building Design and installation
  • Medical Imaging Equipment Infrastructure design and installation
  • Office and Warehouse Design and installation
  • Office Core and Shell Design and installation
  • Office Tenant Finish Design and installation
  • Recreation Center Design and installation
  • Retail Big Box Design and installation
  • School PA Systems Design and installation
  • Security System Infrastructure Design and installation
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Design and installation
  • Day lighting
  • Interior Lighting Design and Exterior Lighting Design

BestBuild says that the better the service is delivered the higher is the skill level of our company. We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.