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Behind Puma Filling Station, Haasto
Mon - Sat 8:00am - 05:00pm

Repair and Maintenance


The engineering maintenance of a facility helps clients save lives and protects assets from unforeseen incidents. Our objective is structured to maintain the building assets and to keep the building to a level of standard condition identified as, comprehensive maintenance. This level is the base maintenance level at which buildings should be kept, as exampled by; Building occupants are satisfied with the maintenance service and are generally proud of the appearance and condition of the facility.


Engineering service maintenance involves visual inspection, testing procedures and correction of major and minor problems in the Plumbing, Mechanical of a building. Based on our understanding of the maintenance project, a team of professionals are delegated to asses and report on facility before project commence.


  • Optimize the use of available equipment through effective maintenance management methods.
  • Provide accurate data on maintenance to management for decision making.
  • Systematically identify maintenance needs and deficiencies and capital improvement needs.
  • Determine the unfunded maintenance backlog for the Service.
  • Establish in-house maintenance project priorities.
  • Enable preparation of Service maintenance requests using systematic, standardized procedures.
  • Monitor and document corrective actions, project expenditures, and accomplishments.
  • Conduct comprehensive condition assessments of the engineering system that runs your facilities.